Around the Web in 20 Days:

Secrets for Romance Writers

April 13th – May 2nd, 2015
20 Sites in 20 Days
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What’s the real cost of self-publishing? Where can I find worksheets for plotting--and software for a timeline to go with them? How do I write a query and find an agent? What are the most popular tropes in romance novels?
Around the Web in 20 Days will show you where to learn this and more. Kristine's engineering background drives her to work smarter, not harder and leads her to mine the Internet for the simplest and best assets for the business of writing. You’ll leave the workshop with her favorite free writing resources for unpublished, self-published, and traditionally published romance authors.


Lessons include:
Day One: Never Say “Said” Again
Day Six: Query Me This
Day Fourteen: WWMCD: What Would My Character Do?
Day Twenty: How I Sold My First Book