Breaking the Rules

Public figures like authors are supposed to be happy on social media. We're supposed to feel good so we make others feel good. It's like the cardinal sin is to be sad.

Yesterday you didn't see me wishing all of my readers a happy Thanksgiving. Yes, I live in the United States and usually celebrate it. But now I'm going to get real.

I could tell you I forgot to wish you a happy holiday (which technically I did) and that I didn't remember to post pictures of Thanksgiving dinner that we didn't have. We had our gathering at a family member's deathbed shortly before he passed.

So no, we didn't have turkey or dressing or cranberry anything, and frankly I still feel like telling everyone that they can stuff it.

But romance authors write happily ever afters and aren't supposed to say those things.

Well, I'm saying them because I'd feel like a total fraud if I didn't. If I'm not authentic as an author and in my writing, then I have nothing to offer you, so I need to be honest in this, too.

I do hope you had a happy holiday and that it was better than mine, though I realize some may have been worse. In those cases, my heart goes out to you.

And may we all have a Happy Thanksgiving next year.

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