Day One in the Life of a Newly Published Author

YAY!!! It's finally here! My first novel, Not Quite Home, was released today. I thought I'd commemorate it by sharing what goes on in the life of a (not yet famous) published author on their first Book Birthday.

1. Wake up. Realize that today is THE day and that overnight your book became available for sale. Smile. I mean really, really smile.

2. Reach for your phone. Realize that either a) you forgot to set your alarm last night, or b) you turned it off this morning without waking up. It's 8:00 a.m., and now you're running late for the fish guy that's coming at 9:00.

3. You continue to stare at your phone, expecting something magical to have happened because your book is now available. It looks completely normal, and you are disappointed then tell yourself you shouldn't be. After all, what would've possibly shown up on your screen?

4. You get up then wake up the dog who's sleeping under your covers.

5. You throw on a hoodie, look in the mirror, and decide you look passable for the fish guy. You've known him for five years. What does he care?

6. You go downstairs to make coffee. You step over cat puke on the stairs and make a mental note to clean it up later. When you get to the kitchen, you discover three more places the cat has thrown up and send a prayer of thanks that it's all on the hardwoods and not carpet like the stairs.

7. With coffee finally in hand, you microwave a mini breakfast biscuit and chow down. Nothing matters now because you have coffee. All is right with the world.

8. Let the dog out. Let the dog in.

9. Let the fish guy in so he can change the filters, etc. on the aquarium he got you from a music producer whose studio went under. For the millionth time, you realize you have a mega-famous person's repossessed fish tank in your living room and shake your head because it's just too weird.

10. You hold your fish guy hostage as you share with him everything there is to know about your book release and then some. You proceed to use your phone to repeatedly interrupt him to show him your website, that the book is actually for sale, and to provide evidence that new books are coming out. Like you haven't done this the last five times he's been to your house. Except that your book is for sale now.

11. You call your BFF to celebrate. You call your parents to celebrate. Your awesome sister texts you that it's "National You Got Published Day!!!"

12. Everyone wants buy links to send out. You sort of get to it because you also have to update your website by taking down the "coming soon" parts and you have to add more buy links for more sites that weren't available before. You figure out how to schedule posts on Tweetdeck and your Facebook page. Then you figure out what to Tweet and what to post to your Facebook page. This includes some of the aforementioned buy links for the email that you still haven't sent.

13. It's now 3:40 p.m., you're in the middle of writing a blog post that you hadn't planned to write, and you have the suspicious feeling that you've forgotten something important. Like maybe that email you promised your BFF seven hours ago. Oops.

14. You remind blog readers that they can get a preview of the first three chapters at your website, which they're already on. You provide a link anyway.!nqh-preview-download/c1ise

Time to check for typos and post the blog that people may or may not read. You add the buy links that you still haven't emailed:

Amazon Kindle Nook Kobo iBooks Liquid Silver Books (my publisher has it in a ton of formats if you don't see yours here)

15. You sign off, promising yourself that you won't do anything else until you send that email. Well, except maybe Tweet a link to your new blog post.

I wonder what Day Two will bring...

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