Tales from a Small Town

There's something different about life in a small town. Who am I kidding? There's A LOT different about living in a small town, at least for this chick who grew up in the suburbs.

If you grew up there, everyone not only knows who you are but also who you had as your kindergarten teacher and how you did in high school math. I was thankful that I had a city and its outskirts to maintain some level of anonymity.

In the town where I lived, there was one small apartment complex. These townhomes were occupied almost exclusively by employees My next-door neighbor would tell me--and my coworkers--how many times I hit snooze on my alarm clock (yes, it's been a while) each day. As someone who is not a morning person who would arrive on time by the skin of her teeth, it was TMI. And it was my information to share, not hers, but that's how it went. If I didn't want her talking about it, then I had to get up earlier. One weekend I went out of town and forgot to turn my alarm off. Karma's a bitch.

There is always someone who is legendary. In Not Quite Home, it's Adam. People in small towns have larger than life personalities. Maybe because they know that in a small town, no one ever blends in so there's no point in trying.

But here's the secret about small towns... There are no secrets. They always come out.

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