Years ago, Kristine had an idea for a story about a bad boy coming home and a good girl starting over. With bits and pieces from small towns across the South, she created Moss Point, Georgia, as their home. Meet Adam and Kate, the fruits of her imagination.
Not Quite Home

ADAM MOULTRIE’s bad-boy past is catching up with him and his blossoming career. Inheriting the Moss Point plantation he never wanted, he can’t get rid of it fast enough. Even though he paid someone to board it up, a local teenager breaks in and gets hurt. Her mom, Adam’s ex from high school, seizes the opportunity to get revenge on the guy who abandoned her at the plantation on prom night fifteen years earlier. With a professional partnership in Portland slipping through his fingers, he heads to his hometown on the Georgia coast to resolve the lawsuit as quickly as possible.
KATE BRASWELL gave up everything to open Local Flavor, her coffeehouse showcasing art, but her builder shatters his leg—and possibly her dreams. Facing bankruptcy and failure, Adam is the only one who can save her and her shop. He becomes her unlikely hero, but the last thing he needs is a sexy woman in pink lip-gloss. Kate doesn’t want a man, even smoldering Adam, regardless of what her hormones say. Still, he can’t keep his hands off the conservative Kate, using all his bad-boy moves to show her what she’s been missing.
Adam and Kate’s sexual attraction eclipses their attempts to dodge an affair that neither wants. She adopts Moss Point while he longs for Portland. His exile is her home, and both must decide if either can survive a compromise.


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