Her Writing Assistant

Note the Einstein-style hair. She likes to think it adds an element of genius to her work.

Kristine Bria was the annoying teacher's pet who always made straight As. Sure, she used to ride to and from school with the principal--it wasn't her fault they lived next door to each other. Carpooling made sense. She shared her toys and played well with others. In short, she was a good girl.


When you have been a good girl, people around you have high expectations of you. Kristine knows all about how stressful it can be when friends, family, and bosses want different things at the same time. What do you do? How do you decide? What happens when you don't (because you can't) make everyone happy? There are fabulous stories all around us, and she loves to tell them.


Kristine also likes to write about who we are in public versus who we are in private. With whom do we reveal our true selves? Why does someone get to see the real us inside?


Hint: It must be love.


P.S. Kristine is good...but not too good. It turns out she has a bit of a wild streak that likes to come out and play as Kristi Hancock. Kristi writes erotic novellas where good girls are very, very bad and bad boys are very, very good.